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Attorney Sarah Miller Tulsa World Community Advisory Board- Be Curious About How to Solve the Big Energy Questions

May 14, 2022

By: Sarah C. Miller

Tulsa World

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Although science wasn’t my favorite subject, I loved my high school and college biology classes. I was fascinated to learn new facts relevant to my everyday experience, and I couldn’t help but share my discoveries with family and friends, pestering them with the frequent “Did you know … ?!”

Flash forward to my first few days on the job as an attorney for an energy company. A kind, experienced engineer sat down with me to explain the natural gas life cycle, knowledge necessary for me to draft the company’s contracts.

He patiently described each step: the exploration for gas reserves, the drilling of wells, the spider web of pipelines gathering such gas produced from wells for delivery to gas processing plants, and the processing — where gas (primarily methane) is separated from natural gas liquids or NGLs (including ethane, propane, butanes and pentanes) READ MORE