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Environmental Attorney Joel Johnston in POWER - Offshore Milestone as Feds Back Vineyard Wind Project

May 10, 2021

POWER Magazine

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Joel Johnston, an attorney at Hall Estill who specializes in environmental and regulatory issues and large infrastructure projects, told POWER, “The final approval of the Vineyard Wind project is almost certain to be the first of many utility-scale wind projects over the next few years, especially in light of the Biden administration’s focus on expanding renewable energy, and its decarbonization efforts. Offshore wind has long been seen as a game-changer for the wind industry in many ways, perhaps most notably because these projects can be developed fairly close to many of the very biggest U.S. metropolitan areas, including those major Midwest cities near the Great Lakes, where wind generation is often more than sufficient for electrical generation.”

Johnston continued: “While there is no doubt that expected and unforeseen issues will need to be worked out as these projects come forward and move into development, this project is the clearest signal yet that the Biden administration views offshore wind as a big part of the U.S.’s energy generation moving forward.” Read More Here