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Mike Keester in Construction Dive - 6 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect construction

Construction Dive

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Experts predict COVID-19 will have long-term ramifications for many aspects of the U.S. construction industry.

Tulsa Attorney Mike Keester discusses the how legal issues might impact construction and contractors in Construction Dive.

While the coronavirus pandemic was unforeseeable, contractors may still be contractually responsible for delays or cost overruns on current projects, experts say. Tulsa, Oklahoma, attorney Michael Keester told Construction Dive he expects that both contractors and owners will be reviewing contracts to see what contractual rights and duties exist in light of the conditions caused by the virus' spread.

“There are many terms that will be relevant to those discussions, including the various contractual terms relating to the contractor’s schedules, substantial completion, delays, liquidated damages and other contractual provisions,” said Keester, a partner at law firm Hall Estill.



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