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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Section at Hall Estill protects your ideas and keeps your innovations safe.

With backgrounds in science and engineering, we pair a tech-savvy understanding with a reputation for frank and friendly counsel.

So from patents and trademarks, to litigation – you feel secure knowing what’s yours and what’s right, with a quality firm where you’re understood and protected.

We provide a wide range of Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law services covering trademarks, service marks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights and patents, both nationally and internationally. Working with sole proprietors, as well as large corporations, we efficiently and effectively deliver the legal services required to develop and protect clients' IP.

The Intellectual Property Section at Hall Estill can assist with issues in the areas of advertising, media, software, computer and Internet law, including domain names. We have the legal expertise and experience to represent clients in all IP litigation matters.