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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney Collin Walke - TikTok is data hungry, and that's the reason it's dangerous

April 6, 2023

Digital Journal

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"Hopefully, this recent fine will draw attention to how we are being exploited and surveilled in extremely harmful ways."

A series of TikTok bans have been initiated across the globe. The most recent come from the UK, with a ban put in place across all areas of government. The social media service has also been fined for $15.9 million in the UK due to a number of breaches of data protection laws along with misusing children’s personal data.

Collin R. Walke is special counsel and leads national law firm Hall Estill’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice. Prior to joining the firm, he served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 2016-2022 as the State Representative for House District 87.

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