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Denver Attorney Conner Eversole Discusses Online Accessibility - HR Daily Advisor Podcast Part 2 

November 16, 2020

HR Daily Advisor

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HR Works COVID-19 Update: The Online Accessibility Act  Part 2 with Conner Eversole

In the last episode, we began to discuss the issue of online accessibility and an increase in general, especially since the pandemic hit in lawsuits surrounding this issue. Today we are going to continue that discussion, specifically focusing on a proposed piece of legislation called the Online Accessibility Act.

We are pleased to have back with us employment attorney Conner Eversole to discuss this important issue today. Conner is an attorney at the national law firm Hall Estill in corporate law. He’s been helping businesses navigate the growing issue to help them comply with digital guidelines under the Americans With Disabilities Act. LISTEN HERE

The WCAG guidelines that Conner spoke of can be found here: