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Employment Attorney Chelsea Smith in Bloomberg Law - Covid-19 Leave Suits Trickle In With Spike Expected This Fall

September 2, 2020

Bloomberg Law

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Business groups and management attorneys warned in the spring that the legislation was hastily crafted and left companies vulnerable to a groundswell of litigation, including class or collective actions. Such an onslaught hasn’t come to fruition, but attorneys predict more lawsuits before the law expires on Dec. 31, as schools return, businesses reopen, and the cold and flu season begins amid the threat of a Covid-19 resurgence.

“I do expect a wave. Everything has been so fluid. People were in survival mode, just trying to figure out how to handle this unprecedented situation,” said Chelsea Smith, a labor and employment attorney at management-side firm Hall Estill in Oklahoma. “We didn’t immediately feel the full effects. I would anticipate that now we will, with the transition back to school and as companies struggle with what works for them.”