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Employment Attorney Chelsea Smith in ValueWalk - FFCRA Lawsuits Trending as Virtual School Year Begins

August 27, 2020


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As virtual learning goes into full swing and parents continue to battle the challenges that come along with trying to keep they're job while home schooling their kids, questions/lawsuits surrounding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act are already on the upswing. One attorney says several lawsuits have been filed across the country and that this litigation trend involving FFCRA is only the tip of the iceberg.

Chelsea Smith is a labor and employment attorney at the national law firm Hall Estill. She also serves as acting General Counsel to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. She provides advice, training and has been a speaker regarding compliance with employment and ethics laws. When it comes to the FFCRA and how it can be used, she says she receives several calls a week from employers with questions about FFCRA and how to navigate it. She says it's a very complex issue to break down because it varies by state and is very case specific.