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Tulsa Attorney Iciss Tillis for INSIDER - Brittney Griner's torturous ordeal reignites the conversation about pay inequity

December 13, 2022


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Iciss Tillis, former WNBA player who competed in Russia, now a Tulsa Labor &  Employment Attorney at Hall Estill, hopes Brittney Griner's ordeal reignites the conversation on 'pay disparity between the men and the women's game,' which drives many WNBA players overseas.

Last week, Griner was released from Russian custody after being detained since February.
"WNBA players don't get an off-season," Tillis said. "You're just in back-to-back leagues to trying to make ends meet."

"I was very happy for her. I can't imagine what she went through," Iciss Tillis, a former WNBA power forward, told Insider. "I hope that one of the positives that come out of Brittney's release is that there can be some true movement towards change in addressing the pay disparity between the men and the women's game." READ MORE