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Oklahoma Patent Attorney T.J. Mantooth for IP Watchdog - IP Issues for Retail Businesses Advertising in Augmented Reality

July 26, 2022

By: Tyler J. Mantooth

IP Watchdog

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"The currently unregulated nature of augmented reality content, generation, and display, coupled with the plethora of augmented reality patents owned by a diverse variety of entities and individuals, can pose a rather large risk/reward analysis for retail store operators.”

With the advent of augmented reality systems, unique opportunities exist for retail businesses. The ability to provide dynamic and layered advertisements can add a new dimension and effectiveness to attracting consumers to a brick-and-mortar retail location. However, a number of intellectual property pitfalls appear to be awaiting those retailers that utilize the emerging augmented reality platform to reach and attract customers. For instance, a retailer may find that they do not own the exclusive rights to display augmented reality content to customers despite the customers being physically present in their own store. READ MORE HERE