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Patent Attorney TJ Mantooth discusses applications for patents in the golf industry

May 7, 2015

By: Tyler J. Mantooth

The Oklahoman

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Golf ball supply device, 'ear fenders' among unusual patent applications
by Paula Burkes  May 8, 2015 

Golf-related patents outnumber other sports-related patents

Q: In 2014, there were about 600,000 patent applications and a little more than 300,000 patents issued. Of those, golf-related patents outnumber any other sports-related patents. In 2013 alone, Nike received more than 100 golf-related patents. What are some of the popular technologies being patented right now?

A: Mobile devices, virtual reality, gaming and augmented reality are trending patent topics at the moment. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, smart watches, wireless headphones, unmanned flying drones and phone accessories, like the selfie stick, got heavy attention. So I expect increased patent filings in those areas. I also expect the typical technologies to continue with large numbers of filed patent applications, such as golf, microprocessors and hydrocarbon exploration.



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