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Tulsa Attorney and Veteran Ray Penny: Hiring a Veteran can be Money in the Bank

November 9, 2019

By: Raymond E. Penny Jr.

Tulsa World

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Tulsa Attorney Ray Penny focuses his practice on  litigation at Hall Estill. Prior to law school Ray served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and was deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2011 as the Fire Support Coordinator for an Infantry Battalion. He is passionate about veterans issues. Following is his Business Viewpoint in the Tulsa World:

Currently, there are 18.2 million veterans in the United States. Though in many states, veterans make up only a small fraction of the population, in Oklahoma they are nearly 10%. If you’ve ever been in a position to add to your staff, odds are you’ve had a veteran’s resume come across your desk.

Because of the fact that nearly a half-million veterans are looking for work at any given time, the federal government has created tax incentives aimed at encouraging employers to hire veterans who meet “Qualified Long-term Unemployment Standards.”

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