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Tulsa Attorney Ray Penny: Unsure about Afghan refugee relocation? Ask a veteran.

September 26, 2021

By: Raymond E. Penny Jr.

Tulsa World

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Ray Penny is an attorney in Tulsa at  Hall Estill and served in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2011.

Column: Unsure about Afghan refugee relocation? Ask a veteran.

By now, news of the resettlement of Afghan refugees has reached nearly every American, and the opinions are varied.

As a Marine veteran who got to know the people of Afghanistan, my view comes from time spent in their homes, on their streets and even in their spaces of creativity.

In the days around the fall of Kabul, over 120,000 Afghans were evacuated from their country and flown to processing stations in various countries. As the Afghans flee and the Taliban lapse back into the oppressive way of life, the international community is faced with finding these refugees long-term housing and stability. READ MORE HERE